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Hello friends (Jac here), as you can tell HDWNKT has since come to an unofficial end. We are both very sad about this, but wanted to make the announcement that I have since started a new podcast. Please check it out if you are interested and thank you for all of the support.


Hosts Jac and Nat are fresh out of college and studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test. Unfortunately, they have quickly realized how little they know about world history. Join them each week as they sit down and have a conversation about influential moments in history and ask, “How did we not know that?”.


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Season 1: US History 🇺🇸

EpisodeShow NotesStudy Guide
William McKinley Assassination☠️📄
The Great Depression📉📄
Mexican-American War🇲🇽📄
Italian-American Mafia💰N/A
1918 Espionage Act🕵🏼📄
1967 Loving V. Virginia❤️📄
The Space Race🚀📄
Native American Civil Rights Movement☮️📄
The Stonewall Riots🌈📄
War of 1812🇨🇦📄
The Dot Com Bubble💻📄
The Red Scare☭📄
The Harlem Renaissance🎺📄
Monroe Doctrine📜📄
Forced Sterilization💉N/A
VOTE 2020🇺🇸N/A
The Gilded Age💸📄
President James A. Garfield Assassination⚰️📄

Season 2: World History 🌏

EpisodeShow NotesStudy Guide
Division of Ireland🇮🇪📄
Arab Spring⚔📄
Mid-Autumn Festival🥮N/A
Rasputin & Russian Monarchy🤴🏻📄
Universal Health Care💊N/A
Eva Peron📻📄
The Night Witches👩🏻✈️N/A
Nixon Visits China🐼📄
The Opium Wars🚬📄
The Russo-Finnish Wars🇫🇮📄
Partition of India🇮🇳🇵🇰📄
Bob Marley Assassination Attempt🇯🇲N/A
Israeli-Palestinan Conflict🇮🇱🇵🇸📄
Pinochet Regime🇨🇱N/A
The Balkan Wars🇧🇬🇬🇷🇷🇸🇲🇪📄
French-Indochina War🇫🇷🇻🇳📄

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Season 3: US & World History 🌎

All of our study guides are free, but we appreciate any support you can give!

EpisodeShow NotesStudy Guide
Spanish American War🇪🇸🇺🇸📄
Japanese Occupation of Korea🇯🇵🇰🇷📄
Fritz Haber🕵🏻N/A
The Gilman Scholarship🌏N/A
Latin American Drug Trade💰📄
Iranian Hostage Crisis🇮🇷N/A
British Monarchy👑📄
Canadian Residential Schools🍁N/A
Singapore Malaysia Separation🇸🇬🇲🇾📄
Greek Myths🇬🇷N/A
Italian Fascism🇮🇹📄
Roe V. Wade🤰📄